About Us

ROHHAT is a member of the Univeril Group. We are a firm of consultants, strategical business planners, technical and specialized experts offering an expansive scope of expert administrations. Through our work, we have a constructive outcome on the planet. IT Strategies is our motto.

Established in 1981 as a small trade organization. Today, the company has grown and with a focus on clients. With many years of experience, we are able to utilize best practices to develop the best strategy for companies and provide winning strategies. ROHHAT has developed into a genuinely multidisciplinary organization. ROHHAT unites progressive individuals from an extensive variety of disciplines and urges them to look past their limitations. We see us as a team and we see our firm is owned in our hands. The outcome is an autonomy of energy that is reflected in our organization's work, and in its committed quest for specialized excellence.

Our Organization

ROHHAT unites experts from various disciplines and with reciprocal aptitudes, on an exceptionally worldwide scale. The profundity of aptitude and large number of experts permit ROHHAT to tackle complex strategic tasks. We bring a more extended term view than our competitors. The trust our clients have for us have enabled us to sustain up to this day. Our dedication to a feasible way to deal with every one of its ventures is both revered in a formal manageability strategy and grasped actually by the people that together make up the firm. ROHHAT's proprietorship structure effectively fortifies this methodology and considers the firm responsible to its own particular individuals for its free approach, and to its social and corporate obligation. We have a solid blend of individuals with altogether different points of view and from numerous societies, cooperating, gaining from one another and liberally sharing their insight and thoughts. Worldwide team working is not a new language to our team. Due to our interesting projects, numerous talented candidates are always delighted to work with us. This helps them to gain much expertise skills and enable them to discover new channels. The opportunity to work with a portion of the world's driving specialists, the scope of expert opportunities, and the backing and flexibility for development implies that ROHHAT remains a magnet for a significant number of the world's most gifted architects and developers.