Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy characterizes the businesses and the organizations in which an organization decides to operate. Since Corporate Strategy is concerned with how organizations make esteem crosswise over diverse organizations, ROHHAT comes in by advising the company to put resources into a profitable set of resources, design strong business portfolio, and configure their current organization structure, methodologies and corporate capacities to share exercises abilities crosswise over their business domain.

What we do

We do believe that the result of successful corporate strategy is that there is a point of confinement to the extent of every organization. This knowledge is true as each organization corporate strategy depends on its size. We analyses your organization resources if it needs its own sales-forces or should depend on external sales forces? Should you concentrate on a solitary niche or needs to expand your scope to serve other sectors?

Our believe

  • Corporate Strategies and Assets: We do believe that the identification of valuable assets that can add values to a corporate portfolio is the first step in building our client's Corporate Strategy. Our past encounters have presented a continuum, beginning from combinations and private value firms to firmly relate corporate elements and new companies, and exhibits that the same rationale of "better off" and "proprietorship" tests applies to each successful corporate strategy.
  • Portfolio Transformation and Organizations: What we do for our clients are to characterize their scope limitations and their boundaries which in our belief are the most critical factors when designing corporate portfolios. This end results enable us to determine for our clients on which business they need to enter, to exit and the level of vertical integrations in their business domain.
  • Due to the complexity in terms of designing corporate portfolios, we do develop strategic portfolios that are robust and easily to cope with environmental changes.
  • Our strategy and tools plots the determinants of the corporate portfolio, looks at ways to deal with asset allotment and the decision between internal development of new sectors and corporate leaders.

Here at ROHHAT, we do believe that before an organization can legitimize responsibility for any business, that organization must acquire suitable structures, frameworks, and policies to really acknowledge esteem. What we do is to look at these outline decisions, concentrating on the size and roles of corporate headquarters in molding and controlling business unit method and execution, as well as establishing centers of competences.

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