Digital Transformation of Business Process - Digitization

Digital transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment. The rapid speed of technology is also shifting the market environment rapidly. This why it is essential for organizations to make fundamental changes in their business domain. While information technology has been driving business process for some decades, it is vital for organizations to transform from their old era to what technology got to offer today. From our experiences, many organizations are still utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and propelled databases whiles today, organizations looking to transform need to turn to a new wave of handheld devices, online networking, cloud (distributed computing) and virtualization.

The maximization of an organization's capacity is the key factor to success. Even though the word transformation could have different meaning, we at ROHHAT see it as a cross practical capacity to modify old strategies, business policies, customer strategies, marketing strategies, financial and operational strategies with a focus on enhancement and to ascertain new opportunities.

Transformation can take numerous structures, from moderate restructurings to high scale innovation which mostly depends on the demand of the organization. From our experience, we have seen that many clients encounter one or two problems during transformation period even though they did plan from the beginning with a specific goal to innovate. Most of the time, transformation are engaged by the executives with an ambition to innovate, in other words, the demand emerges from desperate money related issues and rivals.

Every company leader has the strategical know how on how to draw and to modify their organization's direction to achieve maximum capacity in the midst of the new substances of their commercial centers. We at ROHHAT can assist and guide your organization through a progression of inquiries to distinguish and execute the important changes and activities that will sustain and make profit over a multi-year skyline. Our strategy is based on successful methodologies which we have used for many year. We can help you in the following transformations:

  • Human Resources Process Automation
  • Performance Improvement
  • Product Development
  • Software Technology


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