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A Business Strategy is a template that has been defined by management to be abided by an autonomous sector of an organization in terms of when to back in to win and when to back off. This Strategic Business Units or SBU focuses on product offering and market segmentation. SBU comes with a discrete marketing plan and influences company sectors profitability. Our goal is to utilize our past experiences to assist our clients move their businesses to the highest economic capacity.

the ability to innovate

The ability to innovate

set of cognizant

Setting the cognizant

trade-off decisions

Trade-off decisions

How we work

This Strategic Business Units or SBU focuses on product offering and market segmentation. SBU comes with with a discrete marketing plan which then influences company sectors profitability. What we do is to focuses on building a solid business strategy for our clients without any complexity. Our Business Unit Strategy helps companies to differentiate themselves by better automation, better cost structure and increase income.

Our believe

We at ROHHAT believe that any change in an organization is connected to economics; this means any new strategy setup should be able to create the feasibility of services which were not possible in the past, open more business opportunities, increase their customers and create rigid information based services for their business strategy.

  • We address the focused angle who the business ought to serve, what fulfilment of needs to be targeted, and how core skills can be produced to define the establishment of the business.
  • We analysis whether our client needs to focus on exploiting current open doors, explore new ones or endeavoring to adjust both.
  • From our experiences, exploitation do generates short terms returns as oppose to exploration which comes with a practical long term sustainability
  • We do believe that there are numerous remarkable competitive strategies that each business unit adopts. However, many organizations endeavoring to dissect the majority of the diverse techniques in their extensive industry increases have always brought about complexity in their business domain.
  • We do believe this complexity is due to poor awareness of their industry definitions and their system evaluations. We do believe that recognizing strategic gatherings inside an industry is frequently troublesome even when there is a clear meaning of the industry.

Here at ROHHAT, we believe that the challenging task of detailing and actualizing a non specific strategy is taking into account various inward and outer components. Since nonexclusive procedures by definition are excessively oversimplified, we do believe that, the act of selecting a non specific methodology is just the initial phase in planning a business strategy. What we do is to adjust our client's strategy and emphasize their remarkable set of asset qualities.

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