Corporate Tax Compliance

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Are you planning to expand your organization on national or international level in terms of the global market? This could be somehow tedious especially the call for foreign tax obligations. At ROHHAT, we can offer you our international expertise and they will help you to restructure your strategies and operations with a positive payoff which will then increase your shareholder value.

We at ROHHAT have the worldwide network and assets to meet your global tax compliance, counseling, and organizing needs. If you have any request, please contact your local Univerl who can then provide you a solitary point of contact for the coordination and administration of your global tax compliance.

The following are our area of expertise:

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Indirect taxes (VAT,GST)
  • Expatriate individual duty returns
  • Reporting of price transfer
  • Thin capitalization calculations
  • International partnerships
  • International tax credits
  • Debt and equity legislation

With the spread of technology, ROHHAT can help you solve all your Corporate Tax Compliance in many countries.

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