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Companies who are willing to market their commodities need to understand their customer needs, wants and a broader understanding of the targeted market. Here at ROHHAT, we help our clients by examining the rigid core concepts of their customers and their market so that they can establish a stable and organic growth.

fulfill human wants

Fulfill human needs

market offerings

Market offerings

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

The most fundamental concept of marketing is to be able to fulfill human needs. Human needs incorporate essential physical requirements for nourishment, garments, warmth, well being, social requirements and individual requirements. Wants could be seen as a form of a need formed by society and individual identity. Some one might need food to eat but will rather wants to eat fried rice or french fries. Some one may need a new shoe to wear but rather wants to buy a particular trend. This is why here at ROHHAT, we see wants to be the main key as wants become demands. We satisfy our clients customer's needs and wants through market offerings: such as mixed products, services, persons, locations, associations, data, our many years of experiences in combination with other entities such as knowledge, location, persons, organizations and rigid information.

How we work

With our remarkable marketing skilled team, we try really hard to find out and understand our client's customers needs, wants and demands. We conduct consumer research and analyze huge amount of their customers data.

Our believe

  • Many clients who first came to us have gone through the mistake that most marketers do. They suffered from marketing myopia since they paid more attention to their needs without considering the advantages and experiences by which their product offers their customers
  • We believe that most organizations are selfish, they prioritize their need and dismisses their client's needs.
  • Intelligence Market: With our new framework "Intelligence Market", we look beyond the attributes of our client's products and customer services they offer. We then arrange several services and products that enable us to establish brand encounters for their buyers.
  • Customer Value and Satisfaction: When it comes to needs, consumers have several options to choose. How they select from these numerous proposals depends on many factors. What we do is to set the right level of desires and focus more on the customer's value and their satisfaction which we see as the key block for developing and managing customer relationships.
  • Trades and Relationships: Needs and satisfactions through exchange relationships is termed as marketing. One thing which we are aware of is that the exchange relationship attraction is not the only ingredient to sustain. What we at ROHHAT do is to take actions for our clients so that they can attract new customers, create transactions, deliver superior customer products and retain their customers so that they can establish a sustained and organic growth.

Once we have analyzed our clients and fully understood their customers and their market domains, we then move on by designing an individualistic marketing strategy in which we locate a target market and build profitable relationships. (Read our strategy below)

Designing a costumed driven strategy

  • Choosing the right customers: From childhood, we are all aware of the difficulties when it comes to choice. This is where we come in, by utilizing our skills and experiences to assist our clients to decide whom they will serve.
  • Market Segmentation: We do this by dividing their market into segments of consumers and select the right segments they should focus on. Our target here is not to capture million of customers for our clients, but to select the right customers that we do believe that our clients resources can satisfy and profit.
  • Value Proposition Selection: We also help our clients in decision making when they enter phases where target customer selection becomes a nightmare. With our skilled experiences, we assist them to differentiate and position themselves in the market place uniquely. Through our past experiences, customers have the same question, for example "What makes your product better from competitor B?". This is where we design strong value propositions that give our clients the highest benefits in their market segment.
  • Establishing Customer Equity: A company failing to sustain is not going to make it through the long term. This is why we make sure that keeping customers becomes a major factor in our strategy. Without these customers, there is no business and that is why our strategy covers the methodology on acquiring the customers, owning them, gaining from their purchases and obtaining their values in their daily lives.
  • Marketing Management Orientations: We design best strategies that will establish benefits relationships with their customers adopting the right philosophy that will drive their targets by looking into the product development, production, end product, selling, marketing, and the environment in which they operates.

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