Managing And Preventing Financial Exposure Risk

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Financial risk is a major problem to many organization since it emerges from numerous varieties such as value added tat (VAT), credit accessibility, currency rate fluctuations, interest rate and other business circumstances. Today, many organizations depend on banks, suppliers, and outsourcing accomplices, which further expands their monetary subjection. What we at ROHHAT do is to help you evaluate and administer your financial exposure risks and enhance corporate governance.

What we offer our customers include:

  • Evaluate and administer credit risks related for financial resources.
  • Focus adequacy of cash, interest rate, or product supporting methodologies.
  • Survey risks connected with subordinates and other financial instruments.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Internal auditing
  • Model approvals.
  • Credit risk counseling
  • Investment portfolio risk consulting
  • valuation consulting
  • Subsidiary and money related tools counseling
  • Cash and merchandise counseling

Our strategies will enable your organization to manage and prevent financial risks so as to enhance your business form.

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