Innovation Strategy

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Innovation improvement has become a mess despite huge investments of time and capital. Innovation is still a frustrating phase in many companies to pursuit. Many innovation fails and even if one succeeds, the problem arise with sustainability. The question many organization and individuals ask us is "Why is it so tedious to establish and sustain the ability to innovate? This is where ROHHAT comes in, by adding the word "STRATEGY" before the INNOVATION.

the ability to innovate

The ability to innovate

set of cognizant

Setting the cognizant

trade-off decisions

Trade-off decisions

What we do

Here at ROHHAT, we see the word "strategy" as a commitment to a set of cognizant, commonly fortifying strategies or practices geared for the accomplishment of a particular competitive objective. What we do for our client's is to adopt good strategies that promotes arrangement within different groups in their organization, elucidate targets and needs as well as enabling them to focus on their endeavors around them.

Our believe

What we believe is that a company lacking strategic innovation method can undoubtedly turn into a snatch pack of tremendously loss due to the complexity that comes with innovation such as: partitioning R&D into decentralized self-sufficient teams, producing inside entrepreneurial endeavors, executing fast prototyping, welcoming open innovation and other sourcing, setting up corporate funding arms, seeking after outside alliances and teaming up with clients.

We set up some rigid factors that dictate how our clients should hunt down problems and how to solve them. Other individual best practices we adopt for our clients involve trade-on and trade-offs. Thus, we do believe that an organization without a rigid innovation strategy is not in the capacity to create trade-off decisions but blindly decides on all the elements of the innovation system.

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