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Univeril outsourcing is an effective cost saving strategy which we have used to assist many organizations for the past decades. What we do is to give our clients both alternative solutions and innovation strategies methodologies to meet their needs.

Our outsourcing field

  • Software Engineers: Are you at the peak of your technology skills? Are your skilled engineers already busy in another project? Or is your company lacking that particular engineering skills? Then you do not need to look further. Univeril has more than 90,000 skilled engineers around the globe ready to help you either remotely or onsite. Our engineers ranges from Software architectures, Games designing, Web technologies, Application designers, Apps Technologies and more. XVEX Technology website.
  • Consultant, SAP, Microsoft: Univeril can offer you a high skilled IT or Business consultant at a cheaper price than any other outsourcing company out there. This service has been designed for organizations (big or small) that need consultancy in their organization but are lacking enough capital.
  • Project Managers: Univeril can provide you with skilled project managers during your projects from initiation phase till closure. Our project managers are skilled in all frameworks and methodologies ranging from Agile (scrum), Waterfall, spiral down to Hybrid. Our project manager are proactive, have leadership skills, are able to drive teams towards the achievement of the project goal. They are very creative and the word "innovation" is not a foreign word to them. They are good communicators, able to participate in problem solving, able to negotiate effectively and able to build team and facilitate them. Our project managers abides to the legislation that governs your company and the country where the project is being undertaken. In a nutshell, all our project managers are goal and success oriented.
  • Training From outsourcing training camps to full-scale altered preparing, Univeril have the skills, reputation and notoriety to construct and convey training programs which will help your organization. Your organization will find how to secure, arrange, move and deal with any outsourcing.
  • Hiring: If you have never tried outsourcing and you are now planning to do so, then Univeril can definitely help you with our global network of skilled workers with many years outsourcing experiences.
  • Since 2009, Univeril outsourcing department has established events and training programs for all its outsourcing candidates.

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