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ROHHAT has proved to be the most competent partner for organizations that are ambitious to achieve and sustain their highest prospective. Our customers are able to accomplish core business due to our encompassing and information driven methodology. The payoff is that they are able to influence their core business qualities to develop into contiguous benefits, and work at better levels of performance to stay on the leadership position in the industry.


Enhancing Potentials

Keys to perform well

Keys to perform well

Maintain stability

Maintain stability

How we work

We can help you convey quantifiable and economical change in the execution of your business by concentrating on the territories of Finance, Customer, and Supply Chain.

Our believe

What we at ROHHAT can do for you are:

  • Change your financial transactions model to a modern trendier robust one.
  • Planning and administering your outsourcing, in-sourcing and off-shores.
  • Enhancing your execution administration structure.
  • Developing and executing financial related frameworks.
  • Imagining and executing venture cost administration frameworks.

Every organization aims to get products to the target market, get customers to approach, buy these products, maintain these customers and improve customer relationship which in turns improves companies profit. At ROHHAT, we can assist you to stay connect in different ways such as:
  • Design and convey your market sector and client system.
  • Design and implement a modern and accurate customer analytic that permits you to comprehend and embark on client's demands.
  • Creat and design market offerings strategy that will enhance your margins and improve your financial benefits.
  • Enhance customer relationship.
  • Enhance market approaches and assist you with our risk management tools in-trade and off-trade scenarios.


Supply chain can be seen as a complex network which involves huge demands. At ROHHAT, we are able to take this complexity from our client's shoulders and administer their people, activities, information and resources by the transaction of their end products to the end consumer. Looking at today's chain force, it is vital for today's firms to acquire the knowledge on what will it take to seek, train and retain.

Due to the rapid growth of technology, supply chain has become a vital cornerstone in organizations since it provides competitive potentiality. The need to reduce cost, expand income, increase client esteem and shareholders calls for speedy supply chain process. Here at ROHHAT, we have our own intern department with high performance history to help with the best strategy to design and execute a modern supply chain system which will enable your organization to:

  • Utilize efficient data analytic strategy that is able to acknowledge the strength of the supply chain.
  • Modify traditional supply chain process via a cross-disciplinary methodology traversing tax, duty and processes.
  • Audit, enhance and evaluate risk of obtainment capacities to acknowledge long terms and non-inflationary possibilities.
  • Sustain in emerging market through effective supply chains and infrastructure enhancement which are both key factors that can help an organization to secure new global market shares and steer positive payoff.
  • Coordinate ecological, economical and low carbon perspectives into B2B or B2C supply chains.

The act of supply chain enhancement has become one of our strength through out the past years. As supply chain consists of other vital factors, we do look into your organization strategy, your IT advisory body as well as the employees and your change history.

Our stratey

We begin by examining the entire company without looking at only one functional department. It is vital to understand our client's business situation as well as their business domain. We then establish your business domain environment situational knowledge, know your prioritizing needs and business flow, your strategic vision, current situation, space, business needs and all set ups. We then perform a demonstrative and measure your opportunities upon real time data. Due to cross utilitarian methodologies, we are able to assist our customers to unlock all opportunities which are beyond their reach.

A quality solution is designed during complex situations by adopting the quality case methodology using our solution skills which then delivers us the right development solution, implementation solution, evolution solution as well as functionality and integrity. Due to the inter-relationship of today's organizational segments, we utilizes the solutions approach, which usually involves a mixture of consulting, products and services by targeting the business, and not supporting functions or departments.

After we are cleared with our client's requirements and how we can close the gap between where they are and where they are willing to be, we go ahead and collect essential data which mostly takes the form of a multiple case study. From our past experiences, we have encountered many in-accuracy data from information system management, so we do take an efficacy approach to unlock this uncertainty as well as abiding to the rules and regulation that governs the organization's data protection legislation and the country.

Once we are through with all the requirements, spoken to our client and acquired realistic targets, we then cooperate to make the best way to convey the value. We do follow the "from shop floor to boardroom" which is seen as the changing face of risk management model. Here at ROHHAT, we do take risk management very seriously due to the risk that comes with change and surely we do have risk management that works and has proved to be the best. We collaborate intensively with all individuals and team members at all levels of their organization to guarantee that they get the distinguished advantages and to establish their intern abilities which will enable them to sustain in the long run.

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