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We at ROHHAT can assist you in modifying your current architect, implement and administer them. Our strategy will enable your organization to accelerate its performance through innovation, intelligence initiatives, making technology possible and help managing risk. The new technology will provide efficacy, improve performance, maintain connectivity needs of the different departments, generate additional benefits and ensure end to end quality of services (QoS) as well as rigid security.

How we work

Standardization is a major factor in technology and many organizations are not seeing this factor as a vital factor. From our experiences, different platform delivers different formats and brings about support headache, file sharing complications and management issues. Poor technology integration brings about incompleteness, inaccuracy and inconsistencies in data acquisition and processing. It also raises a potential problem in regard to the management of resources such as customer history, trade secret and even many organizations are already facing conflicts in the allocation of responsibilities, data maintenance and data confidentiality, accessibility as well as integrity.

Our Strategy

With our unique strategy, we determine the needs of our clients before designing a physical technology, such as: resources, protocols, applications, speed and security of the said technology and compromise on what it will take to satisfy their business domain. We make sure to develop a highly flexible and scalable act of technology basing on a hierarchical model.

  • Phase 1 - Analyse requirements: This is the phase where we meet with our client to understand their organization situation.
  • Cost Benefit analysis: We then analysis all the cost and the benefits in advance.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): The purpose of the SLA is to detail the services we will offer to our clients. Some of the points we do cover are:
    • The technology design and configuration will be covered by us or any other third party.
    • Depending on the terms, free support for a particular period of time.
    • The hardware procurement will be covered by us or our vendors.
    • The technology devices are under service warranty for some years.
    • ....etc
  • Phase 2 - Building the logical design: All logical topology, protocols, security, policies and management issues will be addressed at each department or branch.
  • Phase 3 - Building the physical design:Here we select the right physical product for our client, design and implement ensuring QoS.
  • Phase 4 - Test, optimize, and document the design: At this phase a test plan will be documented and implemented and the new setup will be monitored to see if it has reached the proposed performance baseline.
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