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ROHHAT is the main consulting accomplice to the private value industry and its key partners. We exhort financial specialists over the whole investment life cycle.

ROHHAT has been educating on behalf of organizations buyout exchanges esteemed at more than $900 million universally for the past decades. Our work with buyout trusts represents 60% of worldwide value capital. We access our practice being more bigger than other consulting companies serving private value stores. We work crosswise fund sorts, including infrastructure, land, mutual funds and debt. We additionally work for huge numbers of the most remarkable financial institutions, such as enrichment, family investment domains, pension and wealth funds respectively. With our skilled expertise we can support you across a rang of expansive scope of targets.

What We Do

With our many years of experience, we are able to utilize best practices to support our clients across a large scale of targets such as:

  • Equity strategies and operations
  • Deal generation
  • Due diligence
  • Institutional investor strategy
  • Exit planning
  • Portfolio esteem creation
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